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Being Blessed and Happy

smileys-smiley_whistleDo you ever stop and think of how happy and blessed you are? Pure luck is not the right word.  But it is how people can clearly understand their situation.

For me, it is more of being grateful for whatever we have right now.  I am talking about our health, job, relationships, and all kinds of blessings, whether material or not.

Just today I have seen and heard of some people who are locked in difficult situations.  Some due to their own fault, misconduct or wrong decisions.

Some not of their own making, but brought about by their heredity and genes, home situation and family relationships.

Most of these people somehow feel trapped in their current situations.  They seem lost and not being able to decide on how to get out of the rut.  They do not think they can still change whatever they are experiencing.

But I believe that people are resilient, and we just need to realize that we are made of better stuff.  We are all able to withstand all kinds of pressures, self-imposed or not.

We just have to see how we have a better situation than other people.

So how can we see and realize that we are indeed blessed and happy?

First, if you will count anything, count your blessings.  You are still alive right? Most of the basic things we need to be alive are free…the air, sun, and moon.

Next, if you have a job or a business, you have all the opportunities to earn the other basic necessities of life.

Then, the next higher blessing is in the form of relationships.  It does not matter if you are single or married.  You still are part of a family.

It may or may not be usual. It can be a social family, a religious community or other forms of familial affiliations.

Finally and the best part of all, we have a God who truly loves us regardless of what we have become.  And most important is if we follow His teachings, then we truly belong to His family.

There, you have to be convinced that not all is lost.  But rather, that we already have what it takes to be thankful and graceful by just being alive.  Life is Good…life is a blessing itself.

Let us not waste our time with thinking only of negative things.  Our life is not extended with worrying.  Let us focus more on the positives, smile often, and be happy.

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