403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden


Personal challenges

I just visited a friend in the hospital and subsequently heard that doctors think she is in a critical condition.  That made me think why do good people need to suffer.

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Isn’t it that good people need to stay longer on earth so they could help other people to become better? Ah…sometimes indeed life is not fair.

Maybe her suffering will turn her into a near-saint.  Maybe this will cause relationships to heal.

Or maybe like me, it causes people to rethink about themselves, and be more thankful of their own health and lives.  Or maybe it is just that God has other plans that we cannot really fathom.

Let’s take it one at a time.

Maybe this is something that she will really benefit from.

In terms of finally having a peaceful time…she can be alone in the hospital and resting. Or maybe the doctors will be able to cure her long-suffering symptoms that get her in near depression.

Maybe she can be of good cheer to other patients in the hospital.

Next is her situation can bring about having people rethink about how lucky we are to be healthy.

We probably need to take more care of our body, mind and soul.  Not to be abusive and try to be more helpful to others.

Try to be God’s hands to others who need some good cheering.

And then God might really have a grand plan for this.  We know that we are all here for a purpose.

Maybe suffering will lead us more to God.  Or make us dependent less on ourselves and more on Him.

A lot of times I don’t understand.  But I don’t really have to. That is what faith is all about.

Again this whole saga is making me more look inside myself.  Appreciating what I have now and being thankful even on the difficulties that I encounter.

At least I am still alive and there is hope.

Even the events that we see in the headlines nowadays will make you reflect on what is happening to some people.

How some can have different ideologies and not see the goodness of lots of people.  Which makes it sad because then they will not bother to think about the consequences of their actions.

Finally, I hope that my friend will not give up.  Nor do other people with the same condition or even worse condition.

I still believe goodness wins in the end.  We just have to believe and let God help everyone.

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